Saturday, February 14, 2015

Baby gift / Easter gift

Here is a wonderful and whimsical baby gift perfect for spring design by MONIQUE as part of her spring gifty ideas series:

A fun project using Rick St. Dennis Duckie digi's and an egg carton,

I gessoed the egg carton and let dry, then put on a layer of white acrylic paint and let dry again. then gave the carton a pink wash (used a sponge to add pink paint and whiped it off before the paint was dry)
Coloured the digi's and cut them out, used a die to cut out the labels for the top and the inside of the box (I used rose paterend paper for that). Ink the edges of the labels using a pink ink pad and glue the duckies on.
The little bow's were Rick's idea, he said the duckies would look great with real bows, and he was right.
then I added some ribbon and pearls on the lit of the egg carton and after some discussion with the boss also on the inside LOL.

Now there are different ways to use this box, you can put chocolate Easter eggs in it, but, I wanted to use it as a gift for a collegue of mine who had a little baby girl last week (that's where all the pink came from LOL). I put baby sock cupcakes inside.

These baby sock cupcakes are not very hard to make, here is how to

what you need is a pair of coloured and a pair of white baby socks

Separate the socka and pair one white sock with a coloured sock

Turn the socks inside out

roll the cuff sown halfway
fold the cuff a second time to create a sturdy edge

Pull the tip of the sock through the inside of the cuff ans gently gather the extra fabric to create a swirl. Set sock aside

fold the cuff of the second sock a second time to create the sturdy edge again and pull the tip of the sock through the inside of the cuff again, but instead of a swirl create a pocket

Carefully place the first sock inside the second sock, and you can place the entire sock in a cupcake liner to finish, I just put it in the egg carton without the cupcake liner.
Repeat steps with the second pair of socks.

I also made some cupcakes out of onesies, to go with the egg carton, this little gift also has a duckie label on it.

Here is how to:

fold the onesie like in the pic, fold the sock inside as shown in the pic and roll the onesie up, put a ribbon around it and put in cupcake liner

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