Sunday, February 22, 2015

Speed colouring hair, skin and make uo of Rosalinda

First video ever I made to blog, so not the best, it has no sound, it's a speed colouring video using Rosalinda a Rick St.dennis Digi, you can find her here

I used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, see pic for colournrs. and the pencils are there so you can compare colours when using another brand pencil

and you will also need Odourless white spirit (or baby oil)

As you can see I started using the light orange nr 111 and next used orange 117 to colour the highlights. The shadow parts are 263, And blended that. Then kept adding more colour to make the highlights brighter. The black pencils is used for shadow. Search the parts of the hair that are underneath the highlighted parts and draw shadows with black. When this was done I thought it needed a bit more highlighted parts and used 109 to get some lighter parts in the highlights. See next video,

Next the skin and make up, A bit hard to see (sorry need better cam for this) but I started using nr 132 and next 189 to create the shadows . The blush is 130. The eye is two colours green, the darker green is used to shade. Because blending with OMS the paper gets a bit wet which makes the  skin colours in the face look a bit weird, see picture above how it looked when the paper has dried

Hope you liked this eventhough the videos are not good quality


  1. fabulous insight into how you achieve what you do xx TFS

  2. Fantastic, great info , thanks monique

  3. Fantastic Mo. These tutorials are such a wonderful idea. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos for us. xx

  4. Love your videos......Gorgeous coloring......Hope to see more of your videos......

    1. am working on it :-) thaks for your kind words