Friday, July 17, 2015

3-D skulls from 2-D digi

Hi, Helen/Croms here today.
How many times have you been making a project and come up with the "it needs something else" niggle? A 3-d element to add dimension could be what you want. Although this technique is not my own and, I suspect, there are many tutorials out there, I do use it on a regular basis so thought to share it with you. I have used the large skull from Rick's Skull Sheet

I isolated this image and printed multiples in 3 different sizes for the 3 skulls needed.
Then cut out, shaving a bit off each image for each of the layers and cutting out those areas inside the image that needed to be indented. In this case, the eye and nose sockets.
Also a couple of bits that needed extra "lift" - here the teeth and brow bones.
Now to stick them all together......
Each piece, apart from the base image, needs to be shaped slightly - to keep the rounded look
An embossing ball tool and a soft surface helps with the little bits but the larger pieces could probably be done with fingers - gently teasing the pieces into shape.
Then using a silicon type glue, not sticky pads, because the adhesive needs to be heat resistant, the layers can be built up.

Make sure to line up all the lines of the image.
Here you can see that the eye and nose sockets are empty
Now is the time for patience. That glue has to be set well. 

For those of you that were lucky to get a purpose built melting pot before they were discontinued now is the time to dust it off and get the UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) out. Simply dip the skulls into the liquid and drain off any excess. Don't forget you can use a heat gun to help get it all smoothed out to your satisfaction. I find the larger pieces benefit from this due to the swift setting properties of the UTEE.
Here are my finished skulls ready for the project.....
3 panels of my desk tidy
There are other mediums out there that can be used in place of the UTEE eg Decoart Triple Thick Gloss Glaze so don't feel hard done by if you haven't got UTEE. Use what you have.


  1. How cool is this-what a great idea-Thanks for sharing!!!!!